Gore Pushes Censorship

Supporters of the man made global warming conspiracy have finally found a way to win an argument — censor your opponents.

Reddit, one of the most popular websites on the Internet, declares itself as “passionately dedicated to free speech.” In a decision that makes mockery of that claim, a moderator of the site’s science forum decided that anyone who refused to toe the global warming alarmist line, should be banned. The move to limit free speech, debate and academic discussion was applauded by the king of global warming misinformation himself, Al Gore. “Climate deniers can no longer spread disinformation on @Reddit’s science forum,” Mr. Gore tweeted approvingly. Censorship is much easier than persuasion.

The last few years have been difficult for global warming theorists. The movement hit its pinnacle in 2006 when Al Gore’s infamous, and factually inaccurate, “Inconvenient Truth,” won the accolades of the Academy Awards and Sundance Film Festival. The premise of the film that the world is a ticking time bomb and has ten years to avoid disaster of man-created epidemic of floods, draughts and killer heat waves. The Mr. Gore and his ilk, the world has three years left before the bomb explodes and all hell breaks loose.

By 2007, Mr. Gore’s outrageous claims began to melt away. A British court documented at least nine significant errors in the film that the UK government admitted were inconsistent with mainstream scientific opinion. Other researchers documented over three dozen similar scientific errors and exaggerations.

The real inconvenient truth for Mr. Gore is that despite the claims that things would get worse, scientists have demonstrated that the world has not warned in the last 204 months. The world was told that the polar ice caps would be melted. Instead, we have seen the lowest temperatures ever recorded on the face of the earth, Polar Ice cap growth of nearly 50% and snow in Egypt for the first time in a century. Mr. Gore promised that we would see an unprecedented amount of hurricanes after he blamed the mister storm Katrina on global warming. 2013 was one of the quietest hurricane seasons in history.

Reddit is a privately owned website. It is free to develop policies as it sees fit. But the simple truth is that if proponents of the man-made global warming theory were correct they would welcome debate rather than try to stifle it. Censorship is a tool of those who cannot defend their positions.

Alarmists continue to push for radical policies to tax and regulate our way of life. They would prefer not to have to debate, yet alone defend their positions.

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