Dodd Calls For Internet Censorship and Regulation

If you are looking for a statement that best summarizes the mindset of the Democratic Party, and unfortunately some Republicans too, it was just uttered by former Sen. Chris Dodd.

Dodd is now a multimillion dollar lobbyist for the movie industry.  Making the case for regulation of the Internet, Dodd said, “You can’t just have a legal, free environment where there aren’t any restrictions whatsoever. It’s dangerous,” he continued. “It would be dangerous for the Internet.”

What would the world do without government regulation of the Internet, or for that matter, any industry?

Dodd has a long history making these scurrilous arguments.  He is, of course, the author of the Byzantine labyrinth of banking regulations, known as Dodd-Frank.  As a Senator, he advocated regulations for almost every industry known to man and now as a lobbyist he wants the government to regulate what is, perhaps, the last unregulated bastion in America — the Internet.

The lack of faith modern day politicians and the public have in the free market is not surprising after a century to red tape and regulation.  But Dodd is demonstrating another reality of regulation — under the rhetoric of safety — there are always those who benefit when one industry is shackled under the restraints of government.   In Dodd’s case, regulation of the Internet would hurt prosperity, ingenuity and technology but Hollywood would certainly benefit.  Isn’t all what government regulation is all about?

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